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Bayer HealthCare - MR Application Specialist
작성자 대한자기공명의과학회 작성일시 2015-06-23
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* Bayer HealthCare에서 MR Application Specialist 를 채용합니다.


[Role Summary/Purpose:]

* Drives better image quality during the usage of our products at the customer site to increase customer satisfaction in MR imaging.

* Collaborates with the other application specialists in the Seoul area to get the best alignment in terms of application and sales strategy.

* Is updating our customers about the latest technical advances in MR imaging, combining this with the optimal usage of our contrast media in the changing technical environment.

* Is driving the adaptation of our MR contrast media at customer sites which currently are using other contrast media.

* Depicts trends in the overall imaging environment and gives technical advices to the respective sales representatives in the regional sales area

* Comply with pharmaceutical and medical device regulations and BHC ethical business practices with full understanding of the code of conduct while ensuring compliance of all application specialist activities.



* PhD in physics required, focusing on imaging technology in radiology

* 3 years of experience in the field of MR applications (contrast media or machines)

* Strong customer focus with proven solution development

* Good strategic and analytical skills to develop a strategy together with sales organizations

* Team player with proven track record of conflict solution capability, able to interact with different functions within an organization and finding solutions as a team

* Ability to deal with ambiguity, learn on the fly, and critical thinking required

* Ability to manage objections and find group consensus

* Strong self-motivation, detail orientation, organizational skills and time management required

* Good communication and presentation skills (written and verbal), average English level is required.



* 부산



* 지원방법: www.bayer.co.kr 로 접속하여 인재개발 - 채용공고 란에서 온라인 지원

(국문이력 및 자기소개서는 온라인 지원시 작성, 영문 이력서는 워드파일로 작성하여 온라인 지원 시 파일첨부)

* 제출서류:국문/영문 이력서, 자기소개서 (각종 증빙서류는 면접전형합격자에 한해 추후제출)



* 2015.06.26 ()까지



* Bayer Korea 인사부 채용 (02-829-6830)


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