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제목: BK21 Postdoctoral Fellow position (Due 12/28/2014)
작성자 대한자기공명의과학회 작성일시 2014-12-22
관련사이트 (클릭수:502건)
Postdoctoral Positions in NeuroImaging and MRI physics
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University is seeking candidates for postdoctoral fellowships in neuroimaging and MRI physics. The laboratory has access to 3 T Siemens whole body human scanners.
The primary focus of the lab includes (a) investigation of novel MRI contrast mechanism and detection methods; (b) the development of neuroimaging methods for structural (e.g. magnetic susceptibility imaging/myelin water imaging) and functional MRI; (c) application of the methods for neurological disorders.
The candidate must have a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical engineering, Physics or related fields and is expected to have a strong background in neuroimaging analysis and/or MR physics from his or her Ph.D. Salary is dependent upon qualifications and experience.

남지원 연구원 (전화 : 02-880-4147, 이메일 :  jiwonnam0428@gmail.com)


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